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Recycled Star Wars Lantern Craft


Our family may geek out a little bit over Star Wars. We’ve been looking forward to the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story© TM Lucasfilm LTD for almost a year now. The kids are already getting in character with light sabers at the ready.


Epic battles–the dark vs the light– rage in the backyard constantly. (Their sabers light up and make noise, so while totally exciting, they are officially outside toys).


And while I watch them play out this eternal ying and yang struggle with red and blue swords whirling, they always make me proud of them. For now, they are ordinary kids, but they both do extraordinary things every day.



In their own ways, they show great caring and compassion for each other when they play. Even Kylo Ren gets ouchies, and when that happens….


…Rey is always there to hand him a soft Kleenex tissue to wipe his eyes…


…share some words of encouragement…


…and dispense some hero-sized hugs.

They are only kids, but they show we all have chances to be extraordinary every day and battle indifference with small acts of caring. Imagine what the world would be like if we all practiced a little more kindness and comforted each when needed. We would all be someone’s hero.


Easy Star Wars Lantern Craft

Some of our favorite household products are dressing up for the movie premiere as well.  Kleenex has released boxes featuring Rogue One: A Star Wars Story designs just in time for the new movieThe boxes are pretty neat, and you’ll want to keep them around for a bit after the tissues are gone. A recycled craft the kids can help with is the perfect way to do that!



  • One empty Kleenex box
  • One battery operated tealight candle
  • Scissors or thumb tack


Step one: Cut the plastic off the top of the box.

Step two: Poke holes in the box with a thumb tack or scissors. Little hands may need a bit of help if you use scissors!

Step three: Turn on candle and place in box.


Super easy! It makes a nice little night light for an evening or two…or for as long as you can make the candle last!

You can visit Kleenex on all of the social media outlets here:

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Compensation was provided by Kleenex brand via Momtrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Kleenex or Momtrends. #ShareKleenexCare #ad #RogueOne
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Sandra Garth

Friday 18th of November 2016

This was an awesome post in more ways than one. I need a tissue right now, please and thank you for the encouraging words.