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Scrabble Wall Art for National Scrabble Day

National Scrabble Day does not occur until April 13, but I thought I’d give everybody a jump on starting their Scrabble craft project to celebrate the day. And seeing how it’s February, you can also use the “Love” Scrabble wall art as a pretty little piece of Valentine’s decoration. Bonus? This is a Craft Lightning project so it will come together quickly–in 20 minutes or less!

How To Make Scrabble Wall Art

I’m giving you the instructions to make this Scrabble wall art piece exactly. However, you can use any frame size and any block size, just adjust for what you are working with.


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Gather your supplies and get started! I did my shopping for this project at Hobby Lobby, but pieces like these can be found at any craft store. There are two versions of this project; one is for “LOVE” and one is for “LIVE OUT LOUD.” The process is the same for both!

Step one. Paint the frame. You may get lucky and find the perfect frame that’s already finished! I did not want to spend $20 on a finished frame, so I went to Hobby Lobby, found one for $10 and used a 40% off coupon to make it affordable for this project. Of course, my frame required a coat of paint, but that was worth the savings. Painting should only take a minute to do!

Step two. Varnish the unfinished wood block. The small tile pieces in the bag are going to come with a shiny sealant on them. To make everything look the same, and to make your large block look like a Scrabble piece, you will have to varnish it. Varnish is just a clear coat that goes over the wood and seals it. Give it a minute or two to dry after you paint a coat of varnish all over the wood.

Step three. Cut the vinyl. Upload the SVG file (download here and here) to the design space of your cutting machine. I use a Cricut myself.
The file should import with the graphics appropriately sized for the tiles. For this project, I used the Cricut matte foil vinyl in silver. It has a nice sheen to it without being shiny.

Weed the vinyl, then cut out each piece to put onto the tiles. Place a piece of transfer tape on each letter.

Center the letters on each Scrabble tile then press down on the vinyl firmly. Peel off the transfer tape and your Scrabble tile is done!

Step four. Put the scrapbook paper into the frame. My unfinished frame came with no glass in it. This is actually pretty convenient as you will not need the glass in the frame for this project.

Step five. Glue in your Scrabble tiles to complete your Scrabble wall art project. First, you will want to place your tiles into the frame where you want them to be when the project is finished.

After you have them in just the right place, flip each one over and add a little glue to put them in place.

Live out loud SCrabble wall art

I did a second set of graphics for this Scrabble wall art project that says LIVE OUT LOUD.

I have a friend, Janie, from many years ago that continues to completely crack me up. She’s the kind of person that can take an every day occurrence and write about it but make it sound like the most hysterical thing you’ve ever heard. She’s hitting a big age milestone this year, and has made it her mantra from here on out to live out loud. That means take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake, and live with purpose and adventure. She was a little inspiring in her recent post about this. I think she wrote it and then immediately took off on a road trip to a random small town to a polka hall to see an obscure musician she loved. And I love that spontaneity!

Take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake, and live with purpose and adventure! LIVE OUT LOUD!

It made me think that we shouldn’t have to wait until a milestone happens to live this way. Not to be morose, but we only get so many years, we really should take advantage of every moment! I made this live out loud version to hang in my office as a bit of a reminder of that. (Also, I’m taking this to heart myself…signing up for acro yoga classes and booking a trip to Italy this week!)

The only difference between the LOVE art and the LIVE art is to use the “I” instead of the “O”

The out loud piece will be put directly onto the paper in the frame. Twenty minutes tops outside of drying times is all this should take! And if you paint and varnish first, the drying time shouldn’t be much.

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Paula Biggs

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