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Williamsburg at Christmas

Williamsburg at Christmas

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This post is a little different than what I usually do…it’s not about parties, but about decorating, and not just decorating, decorating in a REALLY old style. Like 300 years ago style, but I love looking at this sort of thing. Hope you too, too!

Last year about this time I was pulling into my parent’s driveway in Yorktown, Virginia. It was freezing cold for this Floridian…that’s me with Father Christmas wearing two winter coats and a fleece. No lie. But chilly temperatures aside, it’s always nice to be with family for the holidays. One of the things I do miss about being up in Virginia for Christmas is going to Colonial Williamsburg. Since we had come that far already, we decided to drive over to Willamsburg from Yorktown and take in the holiday decorations.

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Colonial Williamsburg does its very best (and succeeds) at staying authentic to the pre-Revolutionary war time period. When it decorates for Christmas, they only allow natural materials to be used on the wreaths and decor–over the years these wreaths have gotten very creative and even more interesting to look at.  Here’s a few of my favorites along with a pictorial tour!

williamsburg christmas-22williamsburg christmas-4williamsburg christmas-3williamsburg christmas-5 williamsburg christmas-6 williamsburg christmas-7 williamsburg christmas-8This is the style of Christmas decor I am most used to seeing in Colonial Williamsburg. The pineapple is a motif you see repeatedly throughout the area.  I do love how they’re using things like horse yolks, cookies, wooden spoons, and sleds to compliment their decorations. The cold weather preserves things a tad better up there, we’d never get away with this much fresh fruit nailed to our doors in Florida! 
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In colonial times, there were no such thing as streetlights. That woodpile is their answer to that. Elevated baskets line the road that are filled with wood and set on fire. It’s quite a site!

williamsburg christmas-21I wasn’t the only one who was a little chilly that day…

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Even Santa Claus a.k.a. Father Christmas even plays his part. It was a (slight) Christmas miracle we bumped into him as he was walking across the street into Merchant’s Square and really made my trip.  After our long (and cold) walk through Williamsburg, we ducked into one of the taverns and topped off our day with some hot soup and a beverage. Perfect outing!
Hope you enjoyed the tour, and Merry Christmas!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
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