Shake It Up Party

One of my favorite things is getting fabulous party pics from talented moms out there! When Alexis adapted our Dance Party printables seen in the last post for a Shake It Up birthday party (that her daughter Isabella LOVED!) I was excited, but these pictures were the frosting on the cake.

How fabulous are those hot pink tablecloths and glittery balls? I also loved the creative way Alexis put together her dessert table–and it was just enough to choose from without over-sugaring the kids!

One thing that really stands out about this party to me is achieving the feel of a “branded” party without using the logo all over the place. The party was all about Isabella this way, and not the TV show Shake It Up, but at the same time made it a “Shake It Up” party with the look, activities, and one or two small branded items purchased at the store. Alexis did a fantastic job of pulling this one together. Thanks again for sharing your photos, Alexis!




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  1. Alexis says

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the great compliments!! The towers with crystals were just clear vases and the balls came that way. We simply put the balls on top of the vase. As for the favors, it was a “boom box” from shake it up that is sold at toys r us. Thanks again!

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