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A Shiny New Website! Frog Prince Paperie 3.0

I know in my New Year’s post, I hinted at some things that were in the works to change things up at Frog Prince Paperie (FPP).

FPP Has a new site design.

I’m sure if you’ve come over to the site in the last month, you’ve probably seen the biggest change–the site has been redesigned! More white space, and more focus on the content pictures, so they’re easier to see. And my web guru and I are still working out bugs, so if you run into any bad ones, click the contact button up there and let me know. It’s appreciated!




Time for a logo update!

The second big change is that I’ve refreshed my logo. Five years is a long time to have a completely unchanged logo, so it was time for me to stay with the trends and make some tweaks. The frog gets to stay–for now!


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.57.55 AM

More contributor posts on big, fun sites.

If you’re a frequent FPP reader, you probably already know I’m also a writer for Project Nursery and I’m adding another to that list, and will start posting on Made From Pinterest in March! (I’m hoping anything they’ve ever tried from my site has come out wonderfully.)


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.15.01 AM

Follow me…it’ll be awesome!

Also wanted to let everyone know where they can find me other than here on the blog! I probably spend more time than I should on social media–there is just so much out there that is inspiring, and well, I’m a sharer. So here’s the list for those of you looking for a few more party princes in your news feed (and I love you for following!):

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(Yes, I’m doing videos now!)

Thanks again for being a reader–I so enjoy having you here at FPP and appreciate your time!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party, craft and lifestyle ideas.


Monday 26th of January 2015

You've come such a long way in 5 years. So happy for your success, Paula!


Monday 26th of January 2015

Love the new look and congrats on all the wonderful opportunities to share your passion!

Susan Noble

Monday 26th of January 2015

Love it Paula so excited for you! 2015 going to be awesome for Frog Prince Paperie!!