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Baby Yoda Classroom Valentine – Pencil Toppers

Baby Yoda Classroom Valentine – Pencil Toppers

A Baby Yoda classroom Valentine is sure to be the hit of the elementary school set. If it has some googly eyes, too? You’re sure to reach epic mom (or dad) status! As part of the Baby Yoda Valentine ideas from yesterday, these Baby Yoda pencil toppers are simple to make as well as inexpensive. If you’ve got a Cricut machine to do the cutting, they are going to take you even LESS time to complete.

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Making Baby Yoda Classroom Valentine Pencil Toppers

As you can see in the photos, I have a few different shades of pom poms as my Yoda heads. I sourced my 1.5 inch poms from a few different area craft stores (and the Dollar Store.) Sometimes you’ll be able to find big packs of green-only, sometimes you’ll have to pick out the poms from a multi-pack in the stores. Or, you can click a few buttons on and have all the poms you need delivered to your doorstep–if that’s your jam, there are links below to help you with all your material needs.

I used Cricut felt for the darker green ears on these Baby Yoda pencil toppers, but also had some olive green felt I used for the lighter green Baby Yodas. I believe I bought that sheet on Amazon as well. Look for stiffer felt when you are buying a piece for this project.

Also, I’ve included a pdf file of the template for the ears for those of you without Cricut machines. Print the pdf to cardstock, cut out a paper ear and trace it to your felt. Use fabric scissors to cut the felt to make it easy breezy to get done!

DIY Baby Yoda Classroom Valentine Pencils

DIY Baby Yoda Classroom Valentine Pencils



Cutting the ears

If you are using the SVG file on your Cricut or other cutting machine, open up Design Space and insert your SVG image. Click "make." Change the number of copies of the ears to reflect how many Yoda pencil tops you need to make. 

The Cricut Explore Air 2 will cut felt with the point tip if the felt material is stiff and thin. Otherwise, use your Cricut Maker and the fabric cutting blade.

Yoda classroom valentine pencil top assembly

Spread apart the fibers of the pom pom so you can insert a dab of glue near the center.

Place the pencil head into the hot glue then arrange the pom fibers back over top of the pencil.

Spread apart the fibers on the right side, put in some glue, then insert the right ear. Repeat for the left side.

Put glue on the back of the googly eyes or put the glue directly on the pom to place the eyes. I preferred the eyes lower on the face and close together on baby Yoda.

The Yoda One Valentine tag

To finish off the Valentine, I tied a piece of twine that is supposed to look like it might be his little coat and a valentine greeting. There is enough space to write to and from on the back if your kids are into that. Download the free printable Yoda valentine tag PDF, print onto white card stock, and cut out. Punch a hole on the end with the blank space. Thread the tag in with the twine when you tie it on.



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