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DIY Custom Napkins with the Cricut EasyPress 2

DIY Custom Napkins with the Cricut EasyPress 2

Cricut has a new kid in town–the EasyPress 2. The first EasyPress was so spectacular, why do we need another one you say? Because this one is pocket sized. At 6×7, it makes completing crafty projects like the DIY custom napkins I’m about to show you all the easier. With a tool to match any project size (6×7, 9×9, and 12×10), the EasyPress 2 is a my new favorite!

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As Cricut likes to do, they took all the great things about the first EasyPress and made them even better. The EasyPress 2 has a faster heat up time and an improved, insulated and streamlined safety base.  Temperature control now also goes up to 400 degrees, and if there are any firmware updates in the future–you’ve now got a USB port to do that. All great improvements on an already good thing. If you’ve already got the original EasyPress, not to worry. You still have an awesome machine!

Plus, the EasyPress 2 is a totally cute raspberry color. (Says the woman who bought a washing machine once because she liked that it was red…)

The EasyPress 2 works seamlessly with Cricut Iron-on materials. They make good stuff, and to back it up they now have in place the StrongBond™ Guarantee on many of their iron-on materials. Cricut’s StrongBond™ Guarantee means that when this iron-on material is used as directed, you’re happy with the results or they’ll replace it for free. Look for the StrongBond™ Guarantee on select iron-on materials.

how to make DIY Custom napkins with cricut

We’re going to put this pint-sized heat press to work! The 6×7 size is perfect for things like onesies, pockets, sleeves, hats, and any other small place you can think of where you might want to iron something on. Like a napkin.

There are sooooo many different color and pattern choices in Cricut’s Iron-On materials line up. (Click here if you want to see them!) Combined with all the art available in Design Space, there are an infinite number of options to help make your place settings and napkins totally personal every time.


Lacey diy custom napkins

We’ll start with an easy one! This lacy little number is a quarter of one of the graphics I found in Design Space.


Open up the project file by clicking the link above. Cut the iron-on material with your Cricut machine of choice. Place the cut image in the corner of the napkin. Turn the temperature up on the EasyPress2 to the appropriate setting (check here for what it needs to be according to your fabric/iron-on material!) Press for the time listed on the temperature chart.

IRON-ON MATERIAL TIP: Some of the materials are meant to cool before you remove the transfer sheet. Iron-on foil and SportFlex are two of these! If you don’t let it cool, the vinyl will wrinkle up when you remove it and it won’t look as pretty.

Monogram diy custom napkins

I’m a southern girl and I really do love when I can slap a monogram on something. Napkins for dinner will do. This set are a little more complicated with two different foils on the set, but they come out beautiful and are worth a little work.

Step 1. Open up the Monogram napkin Cricut Project file in Design space.

Step 2. Pick which monogram you’d like to use. I’ve designed two here for you to choose from.

Step 3. Customize your Monogram. Select the letter “B” and double click so the type box shows up. Change the B into the letter of your choosing. We’re going to use “W” for this example.

Step 4. After you’ve changed your monogram, go to the right hand column and select your letter and then ungroup them. You’ll also want to select the “Laurel Photo Corner” group and ungroup those as well.

Step 5. You want the gold letter to cut with the gold laurel layer, so select both those items (you may have to hold down your command key to select multiples) and click group, attach or weld. All three will do similar in this case. Select the purple laurel photo corner and purple letter and group those as well.

Step 6. Delete the monogram you are not using, then click “Make it” to cut your materials on your Cricut machine. Be sure to choose “Mirror” in the process of starting your cut in Design Space. Weed your cuts.

Step 7. Lay the gold image down first on your napkin. Turn the temperature up on the EasyPress2 to the appropriate setting (check here for what it needs to be according to your fabric/iron-on material!) Press for the time listed on the temperature chart. If you’re using Iron-On Foil or SportFlex vinyl, be sure to let the vinyl cool before peeling off the carrier sheet.

I’m using the Cricut EasyPress Mat 8×10 (see it here) under my napkin for ironing on. This mat is SO much more convenient than placing down towels, etc. I’ve used it on every table, carpet and counter in my house and everything has been well protected. It’s easier to pick up after the project is over as well!

Step 8. After you remove the plastic carrier sheet, lay the lilac (or top layer) onto the napkin and press again. Again, if using Iron-On Foil or SportFlex vinyl, be sure to let the vinyl cool before peeling off the carrier sheet.

And you’re done! Time to go set yourself a smashing table.


Halloween custom napkins

Since we’re about to be in the spooky season, I figured I’d show you how your EasyPress 2 can help you celebrate that as well. You can make up a whole set of dinner napkins just for Halloween! And this was the Everyday Iron-On that I used for these. Cricut’s Everyday, SportFlex, and Glitter Iron-on are designed to outlast 50+ wash and dry cycles when used and applied as directed. So you can use and wash the heck out of them!

There are TONS of graphics to choose from and arrange in Cricut’s Design Space, and I’ve pulled out two that I loved for you here:

Go get creative!!!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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