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Emoji Party Ideas to DIY

Emoji Party Ideas to DIY

Welcome! Glad you could pop in for a happy party pick-me-up full of great tween emoji party ideas!

If you need a hands-down winning party theme for your 9-12 year old girl, look no further than your phone’s text message screen. Emojis are everything right now. And tweens, with their great understanding of a wild range of emotions, really love those happy/sad/laughing little icons. Celebrate them and the things they love with an emoji party!

Tons of bright and colorful tween party ideas in this glam emoji birthday party. It's smileys with a side of glitter!

And honestly? Emojis make a great party theme because they’re bright and cheerful and completely festive. For my daughter’s 10th birthday we took those beloved emojis and sparkled them up to make all kinds of Glam Emoji Birthday Party Ideas.

The world has really gone Emoji crazy, so there are lots of pieces out there to make throwing an Emoji party easy. We even found an Emoji dress for the birthday girl! If you are an Amazon prime mom instead of a Pinterest mom,  shopping for decorations is SO easy. There are tons of Emoji birthday products here on Amazon.

Emoji Birthday party ideas for tweens

Emoji parties need lots of text speak! Get ideas for the hippest new slang from your tween–they’ll love teaching you to be cool like them, LOL.

After many emails, I’m making this set available for purchase. If you love the printables in these pictures, you can buy the non-customized set for a mere $5. Easy easy party decorations! 

Button to Buy printable party pack Now

I’m going to cover everything you need for a glam emoji birthday party:

  • Emoji Birthday Party DIY Decorations & Favors
  • Emoji Party Food (and shortcuts!)
  • Emoji Party Games and Activities for Tweens

Glam Emoji Birthday Party Ideas DIY Party Decor

Our decor theme was pretty simple: smiley faces and glitter. Oh so much glitter. I was way glittered out after this event. Still, it was a ball to get everything all sparkly and see the big smiles on my daughter’s face.

Emoji birthday party ideas - DIY emoji centerpiece

A big ol’ kissy face enlarged and printed out makes a great Emoji party centerpiece!

Most times, things you’ve made with loose glitter flakes off and makes a mess. You can skirt by that problem by using sequins or pre-made glitter ribbons and paper. I found quite a few beautiful sequin backdrops on Amazon, along with a hot pink runner that looked fabulous on a black tablecloth. Those contrasting colors and sparkle made some nice glamorous  drama to set off our Emoji party and make the 10 year old girls love it!

Emoji party idea - wrap bottles with ribbon and decorate with and emoji sticker.

Easy Emoji party idea – wrap bottles with ribbon and decorate with and emoji sticker to bring your drinks into the theme.

It felt like if a decoration was there, we managed to sneak an emoji on it. I thought it would be overwhelming, but varying the sizes of the emojis and a healthy dose of solid color backgrounds help keep the kissy faces in check.

Text-speak abbreviations went so well with the emojis, they were worked into the emoji party decor. Like with this LOL I glittered.

Emoji party ideas - glittered LOL OMG!

Create some text-speak decorations to go with all your Emoji Party decor. Pick up pre-made chipboard letters at the craft store then glitter and seal them. Foam core works great as a base to glue the letters on.

You can see the tutorial on how to glitter letters here–be sure to seal them up with an acrylic spray when you’re done so you don’t have that loose glitter problem I was talking about before. After I glittered the letters, all I did was hot glue them to a piece of foam core to make them stand up. EASY PEASY DIY Emoji Party decor!

An easy Emoji birthday party idea to DIY - wrap napkins with ribbon and top with a paper 2 inch circle for pretty glam OMG serveware.

An easy Emoji birthday party idea to DIY – wrap napkins with ribbon and top with a paper 2 inch circle for pretty glam OMG serveware.

Emoji party circles for emoji birthday party decor

A few 2-inch circles made for perfect table confetti, and they were also used to spice up our napkins and forks!

OMG! It's a glam emoji party! Sequins + smiley faces = total match made in heaven.a

Emoji dessert tables are a great place to go crazy with emoji faces!

Glam Emoji Party Food

My family is pretty food-centric, so when we celebrate I tend to make enough for an army. I did manage to restrain myself a bit this time and put out a very small emoji dessert table. The centerpiece of the table–the cake–was made by my friend Kim at For the Love Cake Co. I added a few printable emojis out the top of the cake for a really spectacular (and easy to make) effect.

DIY Emoji party decoration - emoji lanterns. Free printable!

Inexpensive yellow lanterns turn into emoji favorites with a few free printables.

There was a whole other table with lots of fruits, veggies and cheeses for the girls to snack on as they ran around. Other than taking a picture of this winky guy, I forgot to get a picture once I put the non-treat food out. The guests started arriving and I got sidetracked! But I promise, it was there and taken advantage of.

The emoji party lanterns were a HUGE hit with the girls. They are super simple to make, and I give you the tutorial and printables here in this post if you’re interested!

Emoji birthday party cookies. Including the poop emoji!

Emoji cookies! How could you not love these? My dear friend Nikki of created these lovelies for Maddie’s 10th. For good form, she included that lovely brown one…because he’s an emoji, too. And tweens find poop emojis funny.

DIY Emoji party decorations - popcorn or snack boxes

Print and cut emoji snack boxes. Fill them with popcorn or other treats.

For an easy to eat, but still in super cute emoji packaging treat  I designed a few small emoji popcorn boxes for the girls and used a pink fluffy cupcake picks to add a little more color.

These come in the non-customized Glam Emoji party printable pack (only $5!). Buy them and download instantly.

Here was the crowd favorite and an easy emoji party food–emoji pizza!

Fun emoji party ideas - emoji pizza!

Your local pizza shop will love turning your tween’s pizza into a giant emoji for their emoji birthday party.

Ask your pizza place to make the pepperoni in a smiley face for your emoji theme. Our pizza joint got as big of a kick out of making this emoji pizza for us we did eating it!

Emoji-party-candy-jars Emoji-party-oreo-chocolate-mousse-cups

Other than a few small jars of pink candy, we put out little oreo cups with chocolate mousse. I couldn’t bring myself to make them into the poop emoji although they would be perfect for it, so I topped them with edible emojis. The craft store usually sells these!

How about a GLOW STICK RAVE for entertainment? Read on to see our Glam Emoji Party Games and Activities!

Glam Emoji Party Games and activities

Sometimes you can drop a group of 10 year olds in a room, feed them, and they’ll make their own fun. Sometimes you want a guarantee on the fun part and need to come up with some party games and activities that keep the party moving!

Emoji Bracelet Making

As our guests arrived, we pointed them to the living room table to make a few emoji bracelets. I found a few bracelet making kits at the store that had all kinds of different beads in them and added a few emoji beads I purchased separately to make them party-themed.

Emoji-party-ideas-crafts Emoji-party-balloon-centerpieces Emoji-party-ideas-guests-crafting

They all went back a few times through the party to this activity!

Emoji Party Game: Scavenger Hunt

No pictures of this one, but I’ll describe what it looked like. A wild streak of 10-year old girls squealing and screaming as they dashed around the yard and house. If you make up a scavenger hunt, word to the wise. These kids are smarter than you and you can give them clues harder than you think they can handle…or else your 20-minute activity will take 2 like mine did! You can lead them to a treasure box at the end or have them pick up treats along the way. Here’s a few things that I included as prizes for our hunt:

Glamour Girl Emoji Photo Booth

Tweens definitely have that inner diva that is screaming to come out. No better place to do this than in a photo booth! With a few store-bought props, the girls went crazy! Made for some good party fun, and a whole bunch of memorable pictures.

Emoji party activity: photo booth! Emoji party activity: glamming it up in thephoto booth!

Glo-Stick Emoji Rave

If your party crosses over into the night time where you’ll get some good dark rooms, I highly recommend this particular activity. It burns off all the cake and sugar and is a crazy amount of fun. We do this about once a week at our house, emoji birthday party or no emoji birthday party!

Crack open a few glow sticks (the short kind), turn off the lights, and turn up the dance music. I’ve been know to join the kids and bust a move because it’s so much fun. Because it was Maddie’s birthday, we sprung for a new party toy and hooked up a laser light show to go with the dance party. The one we bought was super tiny and pulsed to the music–well after the party was over the kids took it out and turned it on and dance whenever they could. Good party investment!


The End of the Emoji Party

After a few hours of really great fun we had to pack up our emoji birthday party guests and send them home with our thanks.


One thing that I’ve started to do at parties is make up party bags with the kids’ names on them that sit to the side during the party. We tend to do a lot of crafts, win prizes, get treats and things like that, so having a place the kids can stash all those little pieces and keep track of them has worked wonders. All the little prizes and treats the girls picked up on the scavenger hunt went in the bags and were the take-home party favors.

The non-custom emoji birthday party printable set has a set of labels in it just like these ready for you to fill in! Click here to purchase.


Thanks for stopping in and seeing all our glam emoji birthday party ideas!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party, craft and lifestyle ideas.

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