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Plaid Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Plaid Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Our family decided to throw a gingerbread house decorating Christmas party this year for all our little (and big) friends. It was sort of a last minute thing, so I really relied on what I already had, what I could buy locally or get through Amazon Prime to for all the decorations. My theme came together as a “Plaid Gingerbread House Decorating Party” with a little lumberjack-type flair. I was really a fan of those bottle brush trees this season!

Since this was all so last-minute, this party was more about friends and getting together than an overblown display and building backdrops and lots of extra decorations. I bothered to put up my Christmas decor, so I kinda felt that was enough!

But, just like anyone else I do get carried away at the craft store. These letters were in a box all together, and I just glued them in place. Rustic, simple, worked well with my decor.

The sheer number of gingerbread houses I had to have baked and ready (using Tikkido’s recipe and method!) meant the houses kind of took on a life of their own. I had them piled up everywhere!

The kids are all a little older now, which means they were pretty intense about their houses and spent a good 45 minutes working on them. Which is about 40 minutes longer than at our gingerbread party a few years ago!

This party is what I would call a “REAL” party. Not overstylized, over decorated, or made with perfection. Just a few little touches and thoughtfulness in what I DID do. Bottle brush trees, a few plastic moose and a toy cars from my son’s collections along with a spectacular tablecloth were enough to set the mood.

Tikkido’s gingerbread recipe is also great for cookies!

Even without weeks worth of handmade decorations, our guests had a wonderful time, and so did we! And personally, I think I enjoyed it more because it was so much less work than I usually do to get ready for a party.

Hope you and yours have a great rest of the holiday season, and that you put down the scissors and paper for a bit to enjoy each other!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party and craft ideas. You can also buy birthday party supplies, printables and accessories from the Frog Prince Paperie Etsy shop.

Gingerbread House Party in a Hurry - Frog Prince Paperie

Monday 17th of December 2018

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