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Iced Coffee Bar Party Ideas

Iced Coffee Bar Party Ideas
This post is sponsored by my partner, International Delight. All thoughts, feelings and ideas are my own. #CreamerNation #InternationalDelight

Coffee bars at parties are easy to love. Except maybe when we’re in the dead of summer and it’s a bazillion degrees outside. Solution? Put out an ICED coffee bar at your next party to keep your guests both cool and well-caffeinated.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--like frappes and OREO flavored drinks!

With creamers from International Delight, this is SO easy. All the fancy flavors you find at a coffee house are right in the grocer’s freezer begging to be used. If you’re a cookies and cream lover, be excited for their newest flavor: OREO® Cookie.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--add a little whipped cream and cookies!


How to set up an Iced Coffee Bar

Your basic ingredients for an iced coffee bar are pretty simple:

  • Brewed coffee
  • Ice
  • Creamer (bonus point for using flavored creamers!)
  • A few treats
  • Glasses

The level that you go to with presentation is entirely up to you, but I’ll break down what I used to set up this fairly simple table.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--coffee being the most important part!

Iced coffee bar: Coffee and Ice and glasses

A drink dispenser on the bar is an excellent way to serve iced coffee, especially if you’re hosting more than a few people. You’re going to want to either use a coffee pot to brew enough coffee to fill one of these up, or buy unsweetened iced coffee from the grocery store (hint: they keep this by the International Delight creamers!)

Keep a small cooler near your bar to serve ice out of so it stays nice. And by nice, I mean not slightly melted together so it’s impossible to get pieces out to put in your glass.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party

There really isn’t anything a mason jar can’t do. Including be a perfect iced coffee glass. Since I tend to have a few of these hanging around, it’s what I used to serve coffees out of. Pint glasses or anything else glass and clear you see fit or have a lot of are going to work for serving pieces.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--like frappes and OREOs!

Iced coffee bar: all about the cream!

Add a few creamers for guests to flavor up their coffees. I might have mentioned already the many taste-bud tickling flavors that International Delight offers. Salted Caramel Mocha, White Chocolate Mocha, Sweet Cream, OREO Cookie just to name a few! Do put an unflavored option like milk or Silk Almondmilk on the table for those few that may not love flavor.

For an extra fancy bar, include a can of spray whipped cream to top coffees off with and a jar of sprinkles. It’s a little thing, but will make your guests feel a little more special for the effort. Plus, sprinkles are just fun.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--don't forget the OREOs!!

Iced coffee bar: the treats

Coffee and sweets just GO together. Even if that coffee is iced. Keep the treats on your table simple. A big cake stand filled with OREO Cookies did double duty for the table–they’re also perfect as a garnish for coffees. Want to make an OREO tower yourself? You’ll need 2-3 packages of cookies to fill a 10-inch stand.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--don't forget the treats!

Parties these days are a crazy low-effort adventure. Not the three week long ordeals of yesteryear. QUICK semi-homeade treats are where it’s at! Some melted almond bark and sprinkles over a few pretzel rods look pretty and are about 5 minutes of time to make. I tucked them into a (new) vase to serve.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--like treats!!

Cake pops are such a think now you can find them in the grocery store. I took out the sticks that came with my store-bought cake pops and drizzled a  bit of the chocolate that was leftover from my pretzel rods over the top and added a few sprinkles. Because, sprinkles. A few of the extra paper straws I had on hand went back into the cake pops to make them match the rest of the table.

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--like frappes!

iced coffee bar: bonus level frappe

Want a REALLY spectacular iced coffee bar? Add a way to make frappes. A single-serving blender is perfect for this. To make something like a cookies and cream frappe, guests would add, coffee, ice, International Delight OREO® Cookie flavored creamer, an OREO Cookie to the blender, then blend it up. Pour and serve.

Don’t forget the whipped cream and sprinkles!!

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party!

cool off your party with an iced coffee bar

In the heat of the summer, an iced coffee bar is just the thing for a really cool party, and super easy to put together. I look forward to seeing how you put YOURS together!

Iced coffee bar ideas for your next party--like frappes and OREOs!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

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