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First Day of School Free Printable Sign for Last Minute Moms

First Day of School Free Printable Sign for Last Minute Moms

My kids have been using this first day of school free printable sign for the last 6 years. I love it. I love that I see it pop up in my friends’ pictures on Facebook this times of year. But I also love to change things up every once in awhile, so I have a new first day of school sign for the kids to hold up in pictures this year.

Free printable first day of school sign for mom in a hurry

Simple, and to the point. I put it in all black and white for those of you who may not have color printers. The graphics are also minimal so if you’re hitting this page 10 minutes before your darlings run out the door, your free printable back to school sign isn’t going to take very long to print.  I feel your pain, mommas. Sometimes preparedness for these things happens only the minute before the photo is taken.

Free printable first day of school sign for mom in a hurry

Click on the grade level below to download your sign. For Pre-K to 6th grade, I’ve left a spot to write in your teacher and the date–I see lots of people writing that in, so thought it would be fun to make it part of the design! The files are in PDF, and only need Adobe Acrobat to open.

Pre-K  |  Kindergarten  |  1st Grade  |  2nd Grade

3rd Grade 4th Grade5th Grade

6th Grade  |  7th Grade8th Grade

9th Grade  |  10th Grade11th Grade

12th Grade College

Free printable first day of school sign for mom in a hurry

Hope these signs make the first day of school just a little bit brighter! And easier!

 First day of school sign for parents - first day by myself

First Day of School Signs for Parents

So this year, as my dear children were heading out the door, I ran off a few signs for mom and dad for the first day of school. They were super popular with everyone on my personal and Instagram business pages. The “First day by myself” sign has a blank space for you to write in whatever number you need. 

And yes, I did in fact wear that sparkly dress with hair that just rolled out of bed to drop the kids off to school…the freshman was really happy that her dad took her that day. The middle school boy did not care. Not to worry, did I promise a car loop pick up wearing sequins and combat boots in the near future.

First day of school sign for parents - i get to go to work

I get to go to work sign! My husband really wasn’t upset to take this photo–it’s just the face he makes when I ask him to take what he thinks is a dumb picture. His straight man just makes it funnier in my opinion!

Download both these signs here and fun up your first day of school posts on social media. Sequin dress optional!

First day by myself parent sign  |   I get to go to work parent sign

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Sunday 21st of August 2022

Hi! I think the parent signs are hilarous! I printed the work one for the hubby but the link for "the first day by myself" is for the "i get to go to work" pdf as well. Do you still have the printable for first day by myself? Thank you!

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Friday 17th of August 2018

[…] If you’re terminally a last minute mom, these signs print up REALLY fast. Like when you need them as the kids are walking out the door to the bus. Click here for the set. […]


Thursday 9th of August 2018

So sweet! Those memories! Going to look for my photo album!

First Day of School Free Printable - Frog Prince Paperie

Wednesday 8th of August 2018

[…] Some will boo-boo, some will yahoo (like me) that the first day of school has rolled around again. We document every single first day of school, and this year have added some cute chevron signs to our photos! We liked the signs so much, we’ve decided to offer these first day of school sign free printables to everyone. You can see my other set of free printable first day of school signs here. […]