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Resuable Party Labels and Organization Ideas

Resuable Party Labels and Organization Ideas
This post is sponsored by Elmer’s products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


If you throw enough events, you’ll go through more than  your fair share of label and hook-type things. Most of which get tossed after the party! I really love when I run into a new product that might help me do a little more re-using and little bit less trashing and be a little more earth friendly–like these really handy new Freestyle products from Elmer’s. They’ve got all the style you need, and there a million different ways to use them at your party and after your party.


Labels for everything on your dessert table and dessert tables in general–they are not trends that are going anywhere! I took a few of the Elmer’s Freestyle Stick ‘Ems and popped them onto my glassware and voila–party labels.


Freestyle-stick-'ems-that-party-2Ideas for resuable party labels from Elmer's - Freestyle products that stick, but don't leave a mess behind!

The freestyle stick ’ems come in round and square. The back of these dry-erase labels isn’t a glue sort of adhesive, so you can stick them to almost anything with damage or worrying about a gooey residue.

In addition to the miniature dry-erase boards, they also make a range of hooks and clips for hanging. They’re perfect for mirror, the backs of doors, in the bathroom, or just about anywhere. And you don’t have to worry what your surface looks like when you take the freestyle product off to move it somewhere else!



The 4×4 square stick ’em was perfect for my drink dispenser. I can use it party to party as a label, and it will match anything!

After the shoot, I moved it to the back of the front door to leave reminders for the day for the kids. Like telling them when curfew is for the evening, the events for the day or maybe a chore or two they need to get done before bed.



Dessert table glassware always gets label of some sort. You can put a 2.5 inch stick ’em circle on your jars and bowl for a quick and easy label. If you need to change what’s in the jars, you don’t need to consult your designer, print and re-cut, you just have to wipe off the name and write it in again. Which is always a bonus if you’re decorating at the last minute. Not that I ever do that. (Really, it’s every time.)

Other places I’ve used these circles:

  • There is one on my computer right now with my important to-do for the day. I think it might be good to write a daily affirmation on as well!
  • There is one on my bathroom mirror where my husband and I are having fun writing love notes back and forth to each other.
  • The “clean” light on our dishwasher is unreliable; a stick ’em on the front makes it easy to write “fill me up” and “I need emptying” to let all the worker-bees in the house know where the dish status is at.



You can even use the freestyle hooks on a dessert spread! They are perfect for hanging the little candy bags for favor-filling.  I put this hook on a picture frame for a really great display.

After this beauty shot, I brought the hook to the kids’ playroom and stuck it on the side of a bookcase to hang all their Wii remotes. They’re loving hanging them up, and even more, knowing where the controllers all are to begin with.

With the week or so of fun we’ve had with the Elmer’s Freestyle product, I can give them a big thumbs-up and really recommend giving them a try. You can pick them up online through Elmer’s or in person at Joann’s or Kmart. I promise, you’ll love them!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party, craft and lifestyle ideas.