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Toasted Coconut S’mores Cocktail

Toasted Coconut S'mores Cocktail #LoveMySlik #cocktail #smores
Summertime and s’mores are two things that are absolutely a perfect pair. But if you can’t make a bonfire to toast up some marshmallows on a balmy evening, you can whip out your cocktail shaker and make up a liquid second best with a Toasted Coconut S’mores Cocktail. Chocolate, marshmallow and a touch of Silk Coconutmilk to make it creamy – it’s almost better than the real thing.

Toasted Coconut S'mores Cocktail #LoveMySlik #cocktail #smores

Cocktails + Silk Vanilla Coconutmilk. Trust, it works. Especially with the light touch of vanilla in this box; makes the drink a little more complex and just a little bit better! If you follow Silk on Facebook or sign up for the Silk newsletter, you can get even more inspiration on how to use these yummy coconut beverages. And with the newsletter, they’ll send coupons. Score! #LoveMySilk

Toasted Coconut S'mores Cocktail #LoveMySlik #cocktail #smores

Shaking up cocktails is a pretty simple affair. Grab yourself a jigger (or a shot glass if that’s all you have), a shaker, a glass and your mixers and you’ll be ready to make some S’Mores bliss.

toasted coconut smores cocktail-1

First up, we’ll rim the cocktail glass in coconut…toasted coconut. Spread a thin layer of coconut on an aluminum foil covered sheet, turn up the broiler in your oven (or toaster oven as I used), pop in the coconut then WATCH CAREFULLY. Personally, my first batch was a big black smear across the foil. The second I stood and watched like a hawk. It only took about 3 minutes. But use your eyes, not your timer!

toasted coconut smores cocktail-2

Pull out two small plates. In one, put the coconut, in the other, a ring of corn syrup. Place the glass upside down in the corn syrup, then into the coconut. The coconut should stick pretty firmly to the glass! Isn’t it pretty?

toasted coconut smores cocktail-3

Next, we’ll start the drink portion. In your shaker, add 1 oz creme de cocoa, 1 oz vodka and 1/2 oz ameretto, a little ice and shake until it’s all cold. Pour this into your coconutty glass.

Toasted Coconut S'mores Cocktail #LoveMySlik #cocktail #smores

Add 1 oz (that’s one jigger) of cold Silk Vanilla Coconutmilk gently into the glass over top the liquor. (I poured on the side of the glass). The coconut milk should float on top. One, this makes the drink look extra awesome with the chocolate and marshmallow layers in a s’mores. Two, the coconut milk adds that extra creamy bit of goodness to the mouthfeel. And three, who doesn’t like a layered drink?? To finish off our S’Mores cocktail, skewer a marshmallow and if you’re feeling it, give it a little toasting. I went high-tech here and used my long-stemmed lighter to add a bit of char and smokey flavor to my marshmallow.

With or without the roaring fire to keep  you company, I hope you enjoy this beverage!

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Toasted Coconut S’mores Cocktail


  • 1 oz creme de cocoa
  • 1 oz marshmallow vodka
  • 1/2 oz amaretto
  • 1 oz Silk Coconutmilk


  • Shake creme doe cocoa, marshmallow vodka and amaretto in a shaker. Pour into glass (ice optional) and float coconut milk on top of liquor.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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