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Top Things to Do in Your Christmas Jammies

Top Things to Do in Your Christmas Jammies
Shinesty sent me a set of their Christmas jammies to try out. All thoughts, opinions and hijinx are my own.

Life is more fun in your Christmas jammies!! We did a little experiment where we wore our brand spankin’ new Christmas pajamas from Shinesty (maker of super soft pjs and hilarious holiday wear) and some of us wore khakis. Then we all went out and did all the things. Without further ado, here are the top things to do in your Christmas jammies!

Eat Breakfast at your favorite diner

Obviously, the first thing you want to do when you wake up is eat. You are likely to already be dressed in your Christmas jammies, so this is a good excuse to forego grooming, walk out the door and into your favorite breakfast joint.

If you’re cute and festive looking like these girls, be prepared for the elderly women to coo and pinch your cheeks. If you wear your khakis, be prepared to be grumpy watching everyone else have fun. You’ll still get breakfast, but it’ll be like unflavored oatmeal or something. Because, khakis.

Wrap Christmas Gifts

Wrapping presents in your Santa PJs? It’s a Christmas must! Just be sure to remember to have enough tape. There is no place for khaki pants when being jolly!

Take many many many pictures with the local Christmas decorations 

Local public places are a wealth of joyous Christmas decorations this year that will coordinate spectacularly with your holiday jammies and provide endless, well, joy. Our khakied participants could not find the fun in sprawling across topiary reindeer.

Or again, finding joy. Leave the khakis at home, people. Christmas jammies are 100% the way to do Christmas this year. They’re perfect for every occasion.

Make Snow Angels

I live in Florida, so really, we make grass clipping angels. Still an activity worthy of Christmas jammies. Note, the khakis were too worried about grass stains for this simple pleasure. Bo-ring!

Sing Christmas Carols in your Jammies

Christmas carols and Christmas pajamas are like peas and carrots. Fun to have together. Sing loud, sing proud, and after all that singing tires you out, you’re already prepared for a nap.

Send Letters to Santa

All the good girls and boys who know that Christmas jammies are certainly Santa’s favorite clothing selection will put on their best pjs to write their humble requests and post them to the big man. I’m not saying Santa doesn’t care for khakis, but our participants in khaki were most likely on the naughty list.

Go Grocery Shopping

There really isn’t anything you CAN’T do in Christmas jammies. Wash your car, grocery shop, perform open heart surgery…of course, people in khakis could potentially do all those things as well, they just do it with much much less fun and flair.

Have hot chocolate

Nice cozy Christmas jammies just scream for a cup of hot chocolate. After your trip to the grocery store, you’ll be prepared with the GIANT marshmallows because you’ll throw them in the cart while your mom is not looking.

Also, there will be multiple flavors and sizes of candy canes to choose from to put in your cocoa because you can never have too many. And you need to teach mom a lesson about paying attention when she asks you for help finding things in the grocery store.

Spread some love to people who are forced to wear khaki pants

Our poor khaki wearer was so grumpy and left out of all the fun while we discovered all the joys of wearing Shinesty Christmas jammies. We bundled him up in some jammie love and gave him a cup of hot cocoa anyway because that’s what people who wear Christmas jammies do.

Shinesty Jammies are just fun!

Hijinx aside, we really did like these pajamas. They come in all kinds of fun prints, and are buttery soft. I’m going to have to wrangle a pair back from the kids to sleep in one night. Check out their pajama (and other) offerings at


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