Free Printable: Lunch Box Love Notes

Hard to believe it’s time for school again! My little one had her first week of pre-school this week, where she needs to bring her lunch with her. The first few days I sent a note in her lunch, and then, well, I forgot. And I heard about it! Apparently these little notes were very important to my daughter and she loved seeing a little something from mom in the middle of the day more than I thought. So I don’t forget again, I designed and printed up a stack of these little lunch box love notes and put them in the kitchen drawer–handy for when I make lunch every day.

For all the little ones and their lovin’ mommas, I’m sharing a free printable of these lunch box love notes so there can be just a touch of extra special in lunch boxes everywhere.

Download your lunch box love notes here and share the love!

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  1. tchrtiff says

    Thanks for sharing the adorable lunch box notes. My daughter loves when I put notes and jokes in her lunch box. Will add these to my stash.

  2. says

    These are great!! I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow without hubby, sadly, and I plan to leave these around the house so he’ll find them when I’m gone. Thank you : )

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