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Confetti Paper Mache Easter Eggs Kid Craft

Confetti Paper Mache Easter Eggs Kid Craft

Looking for a family Easter craft project to get involved in that is inexpensive to do? And that you probably have all the parts for in your house? You might want to take a look at this post.

Have family craft time making confetti paper mache Easter eggs this spring! All you'll need is a little Elmer's glue, a few balloons and paper to get started. Inexepensive, but a great project to bring the family together!

I do love going crafty-crazy with my kids, but I also like to throw in a project every once in awhile that teaches some patience…and teaches that sometimes crafting is more like a (half) marathon, not a sprint. Not every craft project gets done in 10 minutes! We got to spend some good quality time together making these paper mache Easter eggs, and on two separate days. Don’t let the time commitment scare you, it’s mostly the drying time that will hold you up, and if your kids are younger you’ll have lend a hand more often.

Have family craft time making paper mache Easter eggs this spring! Paper and glue was never so much fun.

How to Make Confetti Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Pretty basic materials here, and I was able to scrounge up most from around the house. I did have to go out and buy some water balloons at the dollar store…but it was all of a dollar investment to make this project!

Paper Mache Easter Egg Materials:

Have family craft time making paper mache Easter eggs this spring!

How to Make Paper Mache Paste

There are a few different ways to make paper mache in a paste and layered paper method. (The proper term is “Papier Mache” but we’re going to go with “paper mache” in this post, hope y’all don’t mind.) I saw a few recipes that called for flour, some for other starches, some where you had spend time boiling the flour mixture (!!) and some that were too complicated for words. Me? I like easy, especially when I’m crafting with my children.

Taken right from the Elmer’s Glue FAQ section is this brilliant papier mache recipe: mix one part Elmer’s glue with one part water.

Glue! And water! Easy!  I dumped a bottle of white glue into my container, then filled the glue bottle with water and put that in, too. Stirred it up a bit and we were ready to start all the papering and all the mache-ing.

Paper Mache Tip: Use an old tupperware-type container for your glue. When the lid goes on, it seals it up, making it usable for another day if there is extra, which is important for this project!

Next up: how to get all those pieces of paper to make an egg-shape to decorate!



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Chloe/Its Written on the Wall

Monday 7th of March 2016

Such a cute craft for kids and what a darling little boy!