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DIY Easter Decoration: Bunny Pull Toy

DIY Easter Decoration:  Bunny Pull Toy

Easter decorations around the house can really make everything bright and cheery as spring starts to unfold. After a long cold winter, the pastel colors are so good at lifting spirits! If you have a Cricut machine, making a few DIY Easter decorations of your own is super simple. These old-fashioned bunny pull toys are one of the many cute and easy things you can make to brighten up spring.

How to make DIY Easter Decor – the bunny pull toy

I was inspired to make these cute little rabbits after seeing a plush pull toy Easter decoration at a store. Like any good crafter, I immediately said, “I can make that myself!” And for less than $94 in materials, lol.

Truly, it wasn’t difficult. I used pieces of an existing rabbit design in Design Space and did a little engineering to make the bunny have wheels. The paint and chipboard I already had on hand, so I was able to make this DIY Easter decoration in two shakes of a bunny’s tail!

DIY Easter Decor: Pull Toy Bunny

DIY Easter Decor: Pull Toy Bunny

DIY Easter decor is super easy with the Cricut Maker! Use the Design Space file to cut, add a little paint, and you've got a darling bunny perfect for Easter decorations.




Use the Bunny Pull Toy file in Cricut Design Space to cut the shapes out of Cricut 2mm chipboard. You will up with the following pieces when you are done cutting:

  • 3 bunnies shapes
  • 12 large circles
  • 8 small circles
  • 1 bow

***If you need help or tips on cutting Cricut chip board, please read my how to cut Cricut 2mm chipboard post here.***

Lots of great information is included there so you get things right the first time! I’ve figured out what not to do, and pass that information onto you.

A single layer chipboard does not have enough thickness to make one of these toys very sturdy, but layering three of them will give the piece enough structure. Use a glue stick to adhere the layers together-- the bunny body needs three layers, and each of the four wheels needs three Layers.

PRO TIP: Be sure to use the glue stick all the way to the edges of the bunny body when you are gluing together. Otherwise the edges may unattractively peel apart. You may want to rest a heavy book over the glued together bunny body until it dries to make sure all the pieces stay together well.

Paint the bunny white, the wheels pink and green (or whatever colors you wish), and the bow teal. The small circles that will be used like washers can be painted teal as well for a nice finish.

PRO TIP: Chipboard can be porous, so plan on either two coats of paint, or coat the chipboard with a varnish sealant before you start painting.

After the paint is dry, glue gun the ribbon around the neck of the bunny.

Place the chipboard bow over the ribbon. A glue gun will work best for this, but you may also use a glue stick.

Thread the wheels together. First, one of the glued together wheels, then two washers should be threaded on your dowel. Use a dab of hot glue in the end to keep the wheel glued to the dowel. Cover the hole with a small button.

Thread on the bunny, then two more washers onto each axle. Add the other set of wheels.

Unless you're REALLY good at this and had your dowel exactly the right length before you put the bunny pull toy together, it's likely that you'll have to cut the dowel down in order to make it flush with the second wheel. After you cut down the down (scissors work fine!), add a bit of hot glue and top with a button to hide the hole.


The instructions are given on this page for the file cut as is. If you make the file (and the bunny toy) smaller, you will need a smaller size towel rod for the wheels.

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Using the Bunny Pull Toy as a Real Toy

You could totally give these to a sweet little boy or girl to play with, but they really are more of an Easter decoration. If you were to make it a child’s toy, I’d probably use double the number of layers called for in each piece of the bunny. That means six layers to the bunny body and six layers to each wheel. You can probably still get away with just two washers on each side of the axle. More layers will give the bunny pull toy more heft, and a little more stability were it to be drug around the house by a delighted child!

As I said before, whipping up Easter decor with a Cricut is pretty easy. This project does call for the Cricut Maker machine–it’s the one you can change all the tools out on.

The knife blade does an amazing job cutting out heavy 2mm chipboard. Conveniently, you can pick the chipboard up in Cricut’s shop here along with all the other Maker goodness!



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Paula, this is a darling Easter decoration. Thanks for sharing at Happiness is Homemade. I have a Cricut Air 2 so I might try this just for fun. using heavy card stock. Thanks for a great tutorial.

Paula Biggs

Tuesday 9th of April 2019

I bet it would work, if only as a 2D decoration! It might also work with Kraft paper, which is a bit thicker. And you are very welcome--hope the project turns out for you!

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Tuesday 2nd of April 2019

how super cute, love the simplicity of it all come see us at

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