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Graduation Party Sprinkle Cake and Glitter Cake Topper

Graduation Party Sprinkle Cake and Glitter Cake Topper

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A few years ago, when I did my last graduation party shoot, I used some number-shaped lollipops to top off my grocery-store purchased cake. Now, if you have a good-sized budget, you can order custom lollipops and such for cake toppers. Most people I know won’t do that, so here is a much less expensive, yet equally pretty option to make a great cake topper for your graduate’s celebration cake from the new graduation inspiration party inspired by Shutterfly. You can use this same method to make names, messages, and more.


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This is super easy to do. First, print out your “2014” onto a heavy-weight paper. It doesn’t need to be white, you’re just making a template. Cut out your numbers from the heavy-weight paper.

You can buy glittered scrapbook paper at the craft store; this is really a genius product. You get all the sparkle, and none of the hassle or mess of loose glitter. One side will be glittery, the other will be flat white. On the the flat white side, put your numbers face down and trace them onto the glitter paper. As in, your numbers need to be backwards when you trace them on. Once you cut them out and turn them over, they’ll be the right way, promise!

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Lay your freshly cut glittery numbers face down on your table. Glue the tip of a bamboo skewer to each of your numbers. I use hot glue because i have no patience waiting for other stuff to dry. In a pinch, you could also use tape.

After your skewers are dry, you can trim down the sticks to whatever length looks best sticking out of your particular cake!

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If you want to know how to make a sprinkle cake–well, I completely forgot to take pictures while I was making this one! It’s not hard, though. You just have to press the sprinkles into the side while the icing is still wet. Don’t wait until it has a crust on the frosting or it just won’t work! I held my hand close to the cake at the bottom and slowly poured my sprinkles over the edge and pressed them to the cake as the fell. The sprinkle cake only took a minute to make!

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Thursday 6th of July 2017

Awesome job! Do you have 2017 template?