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How to Make a Wreath: Wreath Basics

How to Make a Wreath: Wreath Basics

 This time of year you see some pretty spectacular wreaths out there–they get really really fancy!! But how the heck do you do that yourself and not have it fall apart??? It’s actually a lot simpler than it looks. Watch the video for a good primer on how to make a wreath. It’s wreath basics in short, and all the good stuff you need to make your own for some good DIY Christmas crafting.

I even show you how to make your own bow!

how to make a wreath


  • Blank wreath
  • Floral picks of your choice
  • Floral wire
  • Christmas bulbs
  • 2-inch ribbon

I always used to be rather scared of doing big projects for Christmas like making wreaths. They just seem so complicated. But they are really not when you break it down to its basic pieces and use the right tools to make them.

Every wreath is going to need a few basic elements. The wreath, the ribbon, the floral picks and a few Christmas bulbs. Tying this entire project together every single time is literally the floral wire. You can watch the video above and get a full on demonstration of how to put together everything. But I’ll write out a few of the instructions below in case you are a scanner.

How to make a wreath Step 1: Cut the floral wire into 9 to 12 inch pieces.

You’ll need one piece for every item you place into your wreath.

How to make a wreath Step 2: Fold the floral wire pieces in half. 

Decide where your bow is going to go on your wreath, and plan to keep that area blank. I put in the biggest pieces first then work the little stuff around them. In the case of my demonstration wreath, I have some farmhouse buffalo check floral picks to wire in.

How to make a wreath Step 3: Loop the wire over your floral pick then place it into the wreath where you would like.

Push the floral wire through the back of the wreath, making sure to loop it around one of the wreath’s support wires. Twist the floral wire together in the back to secure the floral picks to the wreath.

After the big pieces go on, I add in the smaller bits. For my basic basic wreath, I only had Christmas bulbs to add other than the floral picks. You use the same method of looping the floral wire through the top of the ornament, then through the wreath and twisted in the back.

The floral wire in the back can just be bent and tucked up into the wreath itself to avoid lots of wires sticking everywhere.

How to make a wreath Step 4. Add the ribbon and bow.

I like to add some flowing ribbons to my wreaths so after the bulbs in the floral picks are in place, I weave the ribbon through the wreath branches.

Next comes the bow! You can make your own or buy one already made. I show you how to make a bow in the wreath in the video above. It’s really just a few folds and a twist in the middle with, you guessed it, a bit of floral wire.

Take the bow and threaded through that nice blank spot you left on your wreath for the bow and twist it to the wreath frame. At this point your  wreath will be done and ready to hang on your door!

Hope this how to make a wreat wreath basics helps to make it a little less scary to try this project for yourself!


Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party, craft and lifestyle ideas.