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Preschooler Christmas Shirt: Snowmen!

Preschooler Christmas Shirt: Snowmen!

Making little Christmas outfits for my nieces and nephews was one of my favorite parts of the start of the season this year. Preschool Christmas shirts especially are super fun, they’re nice and cartoony and you can put their names all over it and they love it.

Preschool Christmas Shirt Snowman shirt

For my niece Lillian, I made her a whole outfit! A quick trip to the local discount department store netted me a long sleeve shirt and a pair of leggings for about seven dollars. Then they got decorated up with a cute little snowman character I designed.

How to make a preschool Christmas shirt, snowman style

Here’s what you are going to do to make this snowman shirt. Gather your materials:

  • Cricut Design Space file (click here)
  • Red long sleeve shirt
  • black leggings
  • Cricut white SportFlex vinyl
  • Cricut Black SportFlex vinyl
  • Cricut green glitter vinyl
  • (Optional) orange vinyl

Other needs:

  • Cricut Maker
  • Standard green mat
  • EasyPress
  • EasyPress mat

When you go to cut out all your vinyl pieces, be sure to click mirror first! Weed all the vinyl pieces and get ready to press.

Preschool Christmas T-Shirt, Snowman T-shirt

The order I put the pieces onto the T-shirt: first, the white body. Heat to Cricut’s recommendations for your particular fabric and material used.

Next, I Cut the green scarf and green band off of the carrier sheet and placed those pieces onto the snowman. I then laid the black buttons and eyes onto the snowman. The black hat went on last.

After all those items were placed, I placed the carrier sheet for the white body of the snowman (that was already peeled off) back over the snowman so no vinyl was exposed to get melted by the EasyPress.

My EasyPress took care of pressing the vinyl onto the shirt all at once! Since the name was cut from the rest of the green, I put that on last and pressed it in.

I love using the easy press mat when I’m doing these projects, because it makes where I do these projects really convenient. My surfaces are always well protected.

Preschool Christmas T-Shirt and pants, Snowman T-shirt

Use the same sort of method for the leggings. The cute little snowflakes on the hem of the pants are a single layer and really easy to put on!

As to why I cut out the green scarf and hat band, last week I made some fun reindeer shirts for my nephews. Unfortunately, I found out a little too late ironing glitter vinyl over top of plain vinyl with the whole glitter carrier sheet on top of it is not a great idea.

The red glitter from the nose of the reindeer made Rudolph off look like he had a 5 o’clock shadow. Cutting out the scarf took care of the errant glitter problem on the snowman, and as a bonus, my snowman did not look diseased after I pressed in the glitter pieces!

Preschool Christmas Shirt Snowman shirt

Hope you find someone to give this snowman Christmas shirt to this year!

Paula Biggs

Owner at Frog Prince Paperie
Paula Biggs is a party planner, DIY crafter, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party, craft and lifestyle ideas.

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