How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party – Part I

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How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party

The second edition of a much-loved movie is coming out this summer: How to Train Your Dragon 2. It’s the further adventures of the Viking Hiccup and his pet dragon Toothless. My kids were smitten with the first movie, and over the moon excited that we have a whole new installment to watch this month. With so much enthusiasm for dragons and Vikings, it’s hard not to imagine a fantastic birthday party celebrating this cinematic masterpiece! And my go-to place for all things How to Train Your Dragon? Target. They’re carrying a whole line of How to Train Your Dragon merchandise starting this summer!

how to train your dragon party inspirationhow to train your dragon party vikings

Our Viking friends who came to our party were pretty excited, too. Inspired by the new movie’s dragon races, we made a dragon racing arena complete with a Viking boat docked to the side to serve all our hungry Vikings. (See Part II and Part III.) We played lots of fun games and embarked on new adventures that made the party really exciting.

how to train your dragon invitationBefore the party even began, we had to invite our guests over. Southern Belle’s Charm created these Viking invitations with some authentic-looking fur and leather — so fun!

how to train your dragon party viking shields #howtotrainyourdragon #dragon #viking #toothless how to train your dragon party viking shields #howtotrainyourdragon #dragon #viking #toothless how to train your dragon party birthday boyhow to train your dragon party little vikingTo make all our guests truly Viking-like, everyone geared up upon arrival. After getting their faces painted with dragon racing stripes, they put on Viking horns and these super-cool DreamWorks Dragons Defenders of Berk Transforming Shields. It’s a shield AND it shoots arrows. It took us moms about 10 minutes to figure out all the buttons and bands to get these to work. The boys? It was about 10 seconds before there were projectiles launching all over the room. Huge hit!

how to train your dragon party gronckleWhile everyone was getting their faces painted, we set up a craft station to make Baby Gronckle dragons. I found neat pom-pom kits in the crayon aisle of Target that were pretty inexpensive and included everything the kids might need to create their own dragon. I laid the supplies on the table, and let their creativity take over – it was wonderful to watch everyone finish their Viking transformations.

how to train your dragon party viking shields #howtotrainyourdragon #dragon #viking #toothlesshow to train your dragon tablescape inspirationhow to train your dragon party viking shields #howtotrainyourdragon #dragon #viking #toothlesshow to train your dragon party buntinghow to train your dragon party cheersOur brave dragon-racing Vikings had a worthy, pint-sized table to feast at. The centerpiece is made from a few Frog Prince Paperie printables, a jute-wrapped vase and a lovable plush Toothless the Dragon. He was the star of the show there, and I had to keep the boys from running off with him while I took pictures!

The place settings were very unique — the underside of each clear plate (purchased at Target) was painted with bright colors. The red silverware was wrapped in black napkins and tied closed with a piece of fur and leather. Loved second only to Toothless himself, the How to Train Your Dragon Tumblers were perfect for no-spill drinks and because they were such great quality, they made excellent party favors. Also, the cups make an awesome clanging noise when you “cheers.”

how to train your dragon party vikings with boat

Up next: How to Train Your Dragon Party Games!

For more How to Train Your Dragon party inspiration, be sure to see Part II and Part III.


All our brave Vikings had a blast at the party–and putting it together is made more convenient for all us moms by shopping for supplies at Target. You can find the following items from our party online (linked) or in stores:

DreamWorks Dragons Defenders of Berk Transforming Shields  |  Toothless the Dragon Beanie

Giant Toothless Plush  |  Dragon Tumblers  |  Giant Fire Breathing Toothless the Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon Mini Figurines  |  Plates, Napkins, Utensils

Ultimate Fuzzy Kit  |  Cupcakes


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  1. Fabulous job! Thank you for featuring the Viking Invitations! Just adore that sheep activity!

  2. Courtney says:

    Love all of the colorful details in this party! The games look like a ton of fun for kids. The sheep are my favorite!

  3. Suleika giorgianni says:

    I love all the decorations! Very creative.

  4. What a fun theme for boys! They look so cute with their gear on!

  5. Paula, your parties are always amazing. This one for the little guys looks so fun!

  6. What little boy wouldn’t LOVE this party! Great ideas and the decorations and food display are awesome.

  7. AWESOME! I love the decor and ideas you’ve shared. Looks like you have some happy boys.

  8. Loving all your details!! You are so talented!!!

  9. Renee Chumbler says:

    What creative details in this party! Love it!

  10. I love the table decorations! What a cool idea to make a Viking ship!!

  11. LOVE this party so much! I was going to say the fabulous viking ship masthead hobby horses were my favorite part (and they’re still INCREDIBLE), but then I saw the fur and leather napkin rings. I just love little details like that!

  12. marianne seidl says:

    What fun! The sheep are TOO cute! I want to have a party now!

  13. Michelle says:

    My boys loved the movie and this party theme is so cute. I love all of the decor.

  14. This is an amazing party! Love all the fur & leather used to spice things up! Those cupcakes could not be any cuter! We do a lot of shopping at Target for party supplies. Sometimes I don’t even have a party in mind when I start filling my cart – a girl can never have enough party supplies on hand, right?

  15. Such a fun theme, my nephew would love this party!

  16. Pamela Smith says:

    How cool! I love the Viking cupcakes! & of course the sheep, too! What a great party theme!

  17. Gretchen @ Three Little Monkeys Studio says:

    Such a fun theme for boys and so creative. LOVE it, Paula!

  18. Looks great! My daughter is a fan ;)

  19. Wow, Target has a great selection of items! Love the set up and the little ones are too adorable!

  20. What a great party theme! I love that dragon on the table, but of course all the details are fabulous!

  21. This is so cute and so creative. Love all the viking elements and those broccoli trees are adorable. So fun.

  22. Toni Thomason says:

    How awesome is this!! My little dragon loves would LOVE this!!! Heading to Target to get our gear before the movie comes out!!

  23. Where is the tutorial on making the sheep? Thanks!

  24. How did you do the Happy Birthday Shields, the Viking Hat center piece, and the Flag Banner? Thanks so much, LOVE all of it! Actually love all your work, I ordered your graduation things about 2 years ago. :)

  25. Everyone looked like they had tons of fun!! I have to say my favorite part would be the cupcakes they look so cute and yummy!!! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

  26. The party is amazing, great details, i would love to make this for my son, but i have a question about the backdrop, did you make it or did you purchase it? if you made it do you have a tutorial?

    thank you

    • I made the backdrop myself, Cindy. I don’t have a tutorial yet, but if it’s something that is wanted, I’ll be happy to do one! :)

      • Hello Paula, thank you for the response, i would really love the back drop, what would the price be? i will be also purchasing the centerpieces print outs along with the cupcake wrappers.

        thank you


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