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DIY Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas for the Best Birthday Ever!

DIY Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas for the Best Birthday Ever!

Pokemon Party Game ideas and Activities

Usually, we do something like a bounce house to keep all the kids involved and playing at birthday parties but due to a new too-small yard we couldn’t this year. Instead, we set up a bunch of minute to win it style games with Pokemon themes and a few craft stations to keep the kiddos entertained.

Pokemon party ideas diy Pikachu ears

Make Pikachu ears as a Pokemon party activity

The surprise hit of the party were the Pikachu ears. The kids wore them almost the whole party! If you’d like to see how the Pikachu ears were made and download the free template, please visit my Pikachu Ear Tutorial page.


Pokemon Party Game ideas

A variety of Pokemon party activities and games will keep the kids engaged through the time you have with them and having a great time.

Now, kids are as kids are, so all my carefully planned rotations through the stations got completely shot as they wanted to run wild like they’re used to doing when they come over. It was fine. The stations were diversions as they wanted, and everyone still had a blast! My best advice when it comes to parties is to plan things to keep them busy, but don’t be wildly disappointed when other things happen. It’s all about them having fun and you need to keep site of that.

I’ve got a whole other post dedicated to the Pokemon party games and activities for this party. See my Easy Pokemon Party Games here.


And when they weren’t playing on the playset or the stations, we had a special guest, Kraut, who was happy to get in on all the fun with the kids. He was one popular pup that day.


Pokemon birthday party idea - Pokemon trainer certificate

Pokemon trainer certificates are a great way to send off guests at your party!

Pokemon party favor ideas

The party favors were a combination of craft things the kids did as the party went along, and a few fun things I found to toss in their bags.

At the end of the party, I presented each kid with their own “Official Pokemon Trainer” certificate, suitable for framing. I imagine they’ll be highly valued next to diplomas and such over the years. These certificates are available in my shop here.


Pokemon party idea DIY Pokeball

Every Pokemon trainer needs a Pokeball!

Pokemon party idea DIY Pokeballs as Pokemon party favors

And they were also given a DIY Pokeball to keep all the Pokemon they are going to catch. Tutorial on how to make this super easy party favor can be found here!

Pokemon party favor bags for a Pokemon birthday party

Pokemon party favor bags for a Pokemon birthday party, customized with each child’s name.

I made large goodie bags for all the kids and put their names on them so they could drop in all their Pokemon party treasures that they got throughout the event. It was easier to keep track of everything that way, and I recommend labeled bags for any party where they do a lot of crafty stuff.

I found a few Pokemon-themed pencils and things to put in the bags as well. Here are some ideas for party favors that the kids liked, and a few that caught my eye as things kids would love:

Another idea is to buy the clear plastic vending machine bubbles and put Pokemon toys in them!


Pokemon birthday party ideas DIY and Amazon Primed!

So even with an over-the-top Goldilocks, Dragon and Motorcycle birthday party under his belt, Brennan said THIS was his best. birthday. EVER. And since it was about half the effort for me to put on, I’m going to take that as a score. Sometimes less really is more!


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