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Angel first birthday party dessert table

Babies are blessings, especially sweet little ones like our birthday girl, Emma. She is such a darling, special little girl. She couldn’t be anything but angelic, so we thought it fitting to throw her a Little Angel First Birthday party. Inspired by the image of frothy white mounds of Reddi-wip whipped cream, we set up party inspiration that is just heavenly!

Favorite details in our Little Angel Party:

  • Whipped cream fool “Angel Food” in pretty containers
  • Heavenly tissue pom garland
  • Reddi-wip cookies and cream bites
  • Angel wing cupcakes
  • Glittery monogram with angel wings
  • Winged lollipop favors


Angel first birthday party girl

Shopping to outfit our party started at the local Super Walmart. White tissue paper for the pom garland, ribbon, colored spoons, cake mixes, paper straws, scrapbook paper, birthday candles, gum paste, sprinkles and LOTS of Reddi-wip were all purchased there. It’s really amazing what they carry; I even saw cake pops available in the freezer section at my store! With the bakery and party aisle, they certainly provide one-stop party shopping.


Angel first birthday party angel food

One of my favorite details were the “Angel Food” cups. They are a take on the classic English whipped cream fool, and have the bonus of being a gluten-free treat option you can offer your guests. Light and fluffy with a burst of fruity flavor, they’re easy to make and serve, especially with the help of a can of Reddi-wip. Scroll down to the bottom for the printable recipe!


Angel first birthday party-3

Every party needs a cupcake. My number one favorite party trick and recommendation is to purchase your cupcakes already made at Walmart. It’s around $6.50 per dozen and you don’t have to clean up the dishes after. (Score!) I special order cupcakes with the color frosting I want and whether I want a round or star tip used. Decorations are at finished up at home; it’s a major party prep time saver! You can even ask for the cupcakes without frosting–then core them at home, stuff with a whipped cream and top with your own special frosting.

For these angelic cupcakes, I used an angel wing mold from Laurel Arts on Etsy to press a little gum paste into to make perfect tiny wings.  Each set only took a few minutes to make, and I love how sweet they look!


Angel first birthday party dessert table

Cookie and cream bites put together by the guests were a perfect interactive dessert; Reddi-wip Extra Creamy freezes into perfect little poppable bites that happen to pair perfectly with cookies. More on this later! If you want to let the kids at your party loose with a couple cans of whipped cream (totally exciting!) Evite also has great cookie decorating activity ideas on its site and lots of other Reddi-wip fun.


Angel first birthday party-14


Cakes frosted with whipped cream are a personal favorite of mine, especially during warm months. If you’re in a pinch, you can make an in-a-minute dessert by picking up an already made angel food cake at Walmart, and top it with a generous dollop of Reddi-wip.


Angel first birthday party-13 Angel first birthday party-17Angel first birthday party-11Glittery winged monograms, detailed lemonade bottle and decorated paper straws were just a few of the things we did do make this party extra special.

Angel first birthday party-21Angel baby birthday smash cakeAngel first birthday party-25

My absolute favorite part of first birthday parties is the cake smash. It’s always entertaining! Some smash, some just eat the decorations, some have no interest. Our angel Emma was somewhere in between. She didn’t quite like the sticky on her hands that day to really get into the frosting. If you’re not up for making a special cupcake or cake for your 1-year old to tear through, Walmart makes inexpensive smash cakes that are perfect for first birthday parties, and with a bakery purchase of $14.98 or more, they’ll even give it to you for free.


Angel first birthday party-4

Back to the whipped cream fools I mentioned earlier! These were a perfect little light and creamy treat (and gluten-free!). All there is to it is making a quick puree in the blender – that’s just dump and blend – and then folding the puree and the cream together.

You don’t have to make your own whipped cream, just spray about 4 cups of whipped cream into a bowl and it will hold up with the puree. You do have to serve this immediately, as the puree will separate out from the cream if you refrigerate it and wait to serve.


Angel first birthday party-7

I put these little fools into individual cupcake servers for our guests, topped them with a spray of Reddi-wip and a few sprinkles and taped a spoon to the side of each for easy eating.


Angel "Fool" Food



  • 1 cup fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 tablespoon sugar
  • 4 cups Reddi-wip


Place strawberries and sugar into a blender and puree until mostly smooth. A few bits and pieces of berry are ok! Spray approximately 4 cups of Reddi-wip into a medium glass bowl. Add in pureed strawberries and gently fold together. Place in serving cups and top with Reddi-wip and sprinkles as desired. Serve immediately!


reddiwip logo(1)

To help you get your party started, Walmart is offering a free printable coupon for Reddi-wip on their website.

RW_ExtraCreamyProductShot Click here to download your coupon!

Check back the rest of the week for more tutorials and recipes from this Little Angel First Birthday Party!

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