What to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

trixie the halloween fairy free printable-1

It’s been a big topic of discussion around the PTO room this week. What the heck are we going to do with all the Halloween candy that 1. our kids have already amassed and 2. with all the candy there going to get tonight??? Never fear, the 15 pounds of sugar your darlings are likely […]

Halloween Glasses – a Five Minute Tutorial

Delight your kids with quick to make Halloween glassware. Perfect for parties, or just to add a little extra special to dinnertime.

I’m happy to be posting over at Project Nursery again this month, and this months post is a quick and easy crafty project for Halloween. I gave these cute Halloween glasses to my kids with their dinner after I made them, and their eyes totally lit up. Dinner had been MADE. It was a simple […]

You’ve Been Booed! Free Printables to Delight Your Friends

Free printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween

This little Halloween tradition that has sprouted up in the last few years is pretty cute. You stealthily leave a small bag of treats on friends and neighbor’s doorsteps and declared them “Booed.” The gift offerings are small, but the thought really brings out the smiles. Who doesn’t like being thought of like that? To […]

Candy Corn Push Pops for Halloween

Candy corn push-up pops

Making up crafty food around the holidays is always fun, especially if you have a few kiddos in your life. Not all the crafty food treats we give out around holidays like Halloween have to be a complete nutritional void–using a few fruits and some Silk Coconutmilk, you can create an yummy and creative Candy […]

Sugar Skull Face Painting with Tulip Body Art Paint

sugar skull-3

┬áThis year’s dressing up Halloween trend is one that I can totally get into–Sugar Skulls are in all the hot costume and party trend this year. The skulls themselves are from the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos that is celebrated on November 1st by the latin american community. Nicole from Tikkido did a fabulous […]