Free printable to boo your neighbors at HalloweenThis little Halloween tradition that has sprouted up in the last few years is pretty cute. You stealthily leave a small bag of treats on friends and neighbor’s doorsteps and declared them “Booed.” The gift offerings are small, but the thought really brings out the smiles. Who doesn’t like being thought of like that? To offer you one more option to “Boo” your neighbors, download this free printable to put together a nifty candy corn themed treat bag of your own! Leave off the “Boo” tag and you have an extra cute gift bag for Halloween as well.

Free printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween

Materials to Make You’ve Been Booed Treat Bag:

Free printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween

Step 1: Cut and Print.

Print the file to white cardstock, then cut out all the pieces.

Free printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween

Step 2: Assemble Candy Corn Cone


Roll the candy corn paper into a cone shape so that the paper stays somewhat cone-like when you release it. This will make it easier to glue together. Run a bead of hot glue along the edge of the paper and seal into a cone shape. You can make the cone as big or small as you want just by rolling the cone tighter to glue it. Free printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween

This part is completely optional, but I loved the way the little tuft of tissue paper looked sticking out the top! I took 4-inch wide strips of black tissue paper and folded them in half along the length. From there, I just pinched together the paper along the fold until the entire strip looked pleated. You will likely have to use several strips to cover the entire circumference of the cone.

Free printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween

To attach the tissue paper, work in small sections, putting short lines of hot glue to the inside edge of your cone.

Free printable to boo your neighbors at HalloweenFree printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween

Press the tissue paper into the glue, and work your way around adding glue and tissue paper until the entire inside edge is covered and you have a ruffle.

Free printable to boo your neighbors at HalloweenTake two lengths of ribbon (long enough to tie a bow in the top and hang your cone) to the inside of the cone on opposite sides. Your cone is now ready to fill with candy!Free printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween

Step 3: The Boo tags

The free printable lets you have a bit of creative freedom; you can use all the pieces, or just one or two! You could skip the cone and just use the tags, or opt for the cone only. For my candy corn cone, I filled up a cellophane bag with candy, then tied both the “Boo” circle and tag to the top. The sealed bag was dropped inside the cone, then I stealthily crept over to my neighbor’s house and hung it on their door. Free printable to boo your neighbors at Halloween Hope you have a fantastic time spreading a little Halloween cheer!

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