Bewitching Halloween PartyOver the years, I’ve amassed no less than eight (yes eight!) bins of Halloween decorations and many other large pieces I can’t contain in a snap top box. Since there are so many gathered over such a long period of time, it’s hard to find duplicates, or extras of the stuff that I really love. Glittered pumpkins and skulls are a few things that I can’t seem enough of! was nice enough to offer a $50 gift card to give away to you, my readers, to go look at a few of their new lines of Halloween decorations. They’re not just for costumes anymore! Scroll to the bottom of the post to enter the giveaway and read the rules.

Bewitching bat tablecloth

The batty spiderweb from one of my favorite Halloween parties – the Bewitching Halloween party - is available on the site and they’ve got it in several shapes and sizes.


halloween rick rack and crows

Crows are another one of my favorite bits of Halloween decor–they hung out in the chandelier at my very first Frog Prince Halloween bash. About 40 of them now grace our home during Halloween; my husband says he feels like we live in a Hitchcock movie during October…but creepy crows are more my thing than gore. You can find crows of all sizes, even some glittered varieties over at!

halloween glittered pumpkinsIn my Halloween collection, there’s also a large (very large) number of glittered spooky stuff. I’ve got tons of pumpkins, skulls, skeletons and spiders…and if you don’t want to sift through thirty stores to find your, you can click over here and pick up yours without leaving the comfort of your computer screen.

Ready to go do some spooky shopping of your own? Click to enter below for a $50 gift card to!

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halloween necklace and jello (4 of 30)

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halloween sweet treats

There really isn't a better excuse to make fun and creative food - or really gross treats - than the Halloween holidays. Over the past few years, I've made more than my share! For quick reference, here's a round up of the spooky Halloween sweet recipes and tutorials found here on Frog Prince Paperie. Zombie Party Brain Cake    |    Perfectly Poisonous Parfaits No-Bake Spooky Black Cat Pops   { Read More! }


The twilight inspired party had some help from some great printables in creating a bit of ambiance. And I'm happy to say I'm going to offer up all these printables - as is - for free so you can throw your own vampire vs. werewolf bash. You can find the links at the bottom of this post. Soda bottle wrappers around cherry sodas look slightly creepy with labels like "Type O" and "Type A" along { Read More! }


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