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It seems like every holiday that rolls around, I have small children begging for a party for all their friends to come to. Being a the tired momma I am, I just couldn’t find it in me this year to pull off Halloween bash, but as always, I find it hard to tell my kids no entirely. As a compromise, I spent an hour or two setting up some Halloween decorations and had them invite over their very best friends for a crafty kind of playdate. My daughter’s and son’s best friends are all girls and all come from the same family, so it was one easy invitation! My favorite parts of this Halloween party/playdate:

  • Unfussy decorations–glitter pumpkins and trees and a few tissue paper garlands
  • Creepy Crawly JELL-O JIGGLERS — Crafty food the kids put together themselves
  • Healthy Halloween snack options
  • Spider and Pumpkin Necklaces – an easy craft the kids were proud of!

halloween party pumpkins

The girls all squealed like, well…little girls when they stepped inside our spooky playdate party. The reveal is seriously always my favorite part of the party. Even though it was quickly spun magic (literally took less than an hour to set up) the kids’ reactions were still awesome.

Early in the day, I whipped up some treats all the kids could eat–the girls have braces, so had to make sure there were some allowable treats for them as well. The meringues really only take about 20 minutes of hands-on time, then you put them in the oven for a few hours and forget about them.

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I have been dying to try these little clementine “pumpkins.” I see them on pinterest all the time–and they were all that and more. The kids snapped them up quicker than the sugar treats. (Whoo whoo!) Assembly, again, quick and easy. Peel the clementine, and pop a tiny piece of celery in the top for a stem.

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KIds love free play time–but they also LOVE being crafty. To get some more spooky in our Halloween playdate party, we made some Creepy Crawly JIGGLERS! I ran across a video tutorial on how to make these on the JELL-O site here. Highly recommend viewing it–totally cracked me up. (I love a creative ad department!)

The kids were all able to do the assembly of these creepy critters, the younger ones with a tiny bit of help from mom. Great family moments here! And there is fresh fruit on them– score one for mom.

halloween necklace and jello (27 of 30) halloween necklace and jello (29 of 30) halloween necklace and jello (30 of 30)

Spooky. Easy to make. And a big hit with the children…making these Creepy Crawly JIGGLERS the perfect snack for a Halloween gathering!

halloween necklace and jello (7 of 30) halloween necklace and jello (8 of 30)

Before we had snacks, though, we did a little project–fun fun fun Halloween necklaces. My son did love making this as well, but being four, he required a little more help than the older girls. Making this craft a success for a large group is all in the prep work. I laid out a (dollar store) silver tray at each place setting with all the materials the kids needed to assemble their necklaces. Which also made them all feel totally cool.


  • 8+ inches of large beads
  • 20 inches thin leather cording
  • Yarn to make pom-poms
  • Black foam sheets
  • Green foam sheets (pumpkin only)
  • Google eyes (Spider only)

The beads I purchased by the string at the craft store; if i had had more time, i would have looked around for a bulk deal, but with all the sales, the beads were about $2 a string. The pom poms I pre-made for the kids and placed on the trays using a $4 pom pom maker from the craft store. But if you don’t have one, google around for a quick tutorial. (I did make one pom by just wrapping it around my fingers and tying in the middle.) Just make sure to leave the middle tie piece rather long so it can be tied to the necklace later.

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Step 1: Tie a knot a third of the way down the cord, make sure it’s big enough to keep the beads on!

Step 2: String the beads (from the opposite end).

halloween necklace and jello (20 of 30)

Step 3: Cut the black foam into 8 little legs for the spider or a face for the pumpkin. Cut a stem from the green foam for the pumpkin.

Step 4: Glue the legs into the sides of the pom for the spider and the google eyes to the front. You’ll get some wild creativity at this point from the kids. For the pumpkin, glue the face to the front of the pumpkin and the stem to the top.

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Step 5: Tie the pom onto the leather cord on one side of the beads.

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Step 6: Trim the excess yarn from the pom pom.

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Step 7: Place the necklace around the wearer’s neck to measure how long the necklace should be. Tie the ends of the cord together tightly! And then your super cool, super spooky necklace is ready to wear.

halloween necklace and jello (25 of 30)jello

Our playdate was a huge success. A little Halloween party music, some sparkly mood-setting decorations and some really fun food and crafts definitely made our Halloween more fun!

This post brought to you by Jello, making Halloween more wiggly for everyone. Check out more Halloween recipes here: JELLO.com/recipes.

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