It’s been a big topic of discussion around the PTO room this week. What the heck are we going to do with all the Halloween candy that 1. our kids have already amassed and 2. with all the candy there going to get tonight??? Never fear, the 15 pounds of sugar your darlings are likely to drag home tonight do not have to remain with you. There are options.

1. “Trixie the Halloween Fairy” or the “Switch Witch.”

This is the option I usually choose (backed up by another option on this list) because in the days after Halloween, I’m usually exhausted and do not feel like fighting with the kids to pry all that sugar out of their grasping little fingers. This is not an idea to start a new tradition. This is the cheater’s way out for candy disposal. That I happily take.

trixie the halloween fairy free printable-2

Basically, it works like this. The candy basket can hang around a day or two, and once “Trixie” gets to your house, she magically makes all the Halloween candy disappear and leaves a small toy in its place. The kids are never going to eat 15 pounds of candy so they’re generally cool with having something new to play with instead. I’m going to help you out if you want to join me in my shameless candy swiping with a free printable tag for your small bribe, I mean gift.

trixie the halloween fairy free printable-1I don’t even wrap them. They just plop on the counter in place of the candy. The effort involved includes veering towards the toy aisle for a few minutes in Super Target while I’m getting groceries.

2. Donate your candy.

Yes, this is definitely the more altruistic route. Some children may be ready for charitable acts involving Halloween candy–and that is so wonderful! I think by next year, this won’t be a problem for us, either. There are organizations that collect candy and send it off to troops overseas, one being Operation Shoebox. And don’t forget about your local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, women’s shelter, etc. etc. Call ahead to see if they are taking unopened candy.

3. Get crafty with your candy.

Personally, I really liked making gingerbread houses with the Halloween leftover candy. A few graham crackers and a tub of pre-made frosting is all we needed to put little houses together. But sky’s the limit here! Rainbow Skittle and smartee covered wreaths and centerpiece decor isn’t out of the question!

4. Take it to the office.

Your co-workers will love you or hate you. I am the only one in my office, so I send it to the Emergency Room with my husband. The candy generally disappears pretty quickly, and your candy problem has been solved.

5. Conduct candy science experiments.

Google “candy science experiments” and you’ll get a giant list of things to do. And go figure, there is even a website to browse for ideas. I might save a few packs of this and that to try out some this year–all in the name of learning!

6. Bring your sweets to a candy buy back.

Dentist offices all over the country are participating in candy buy backs, and they donate the candy to the troops once it’s all collected. It looks like they’re paying about $1 per pound of candy that gets brought to them. You can find locations at

7. Stick it in the freezer.

If you have an enormous amount of will power, you can shove all those sweets in the freezer and divy them out for treat bags at parties, pinatas, or baking adventures. You never know when you’ll need teeny tiny candy bars!

black cat ball-58

I truly have the most wonderful, creative and talented readers in the whole blogosphere, so I would love to hear from you as I’m always up for a new idea! What do you do with all the leftover Halloween candy at your house??

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