Paper Flower Tutorial


As part of my “Will you be my bridesmaid?” box for Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, I made pretty paper flowers to cover the wooden box the bridesmaid’s gift was given in. These are completely inexpensive to make, they only require a few sheets of cardstock!

How to make a paper flower tutorial

Paper Flower Tutorial

Our beautiful “Will you be my bridesmaid” box is decorated with pretty pale pink paper flowers. While they look immensely complicated and involved, I promise they’re not. It took a pair of scissors, a tiny bit of glue and about the length of a TV show to create about 4 of these beauties. This particular paper flower tutorial has a lot of pieces, but with a hot glue gun putting them together is pretty speedy.

This first block of steps is to make the petals and put them into the groupings that will make up the overall flowers when they are finished.


  • Pale pink cardstock
  • Black cardstock
  • Hot glue
  • Printable petal templates

Step 1: Print and cut.

There are three sizes of flower petals (small, medium and large) in the free printable file; you’ll need all three to make all the flowers you see in this paper flower tutorial! We’ll be making two sizes of flower; the larger flower needs 6 large petals and 9 medium petals. The smaller flower needs 6 medium petals and 6 small petals. The templates are designed to fill the page with as many petal shapes as they’ll hold, so count the number of flowers you’re going to make and print the files to your pale pink cardstock accordingly and cut them out.

After you’ve gotten the shapes cut, you’ll need to made a snip from the bottom of the petals up the center to about the middle of the petal.


Step 2 and 3: Shaping the petal.

In picture 2, you can see where that slit that was cut up the middle of the petal is important! You’ll need to slide the right flap of the petal’s bottom over the left flap and glue it down. This gives the petal a curved shape. Since I’m an impatient crafter, I used hot glue; if you use hot glue, be sure to use the tiniest amount possible when assembling your petals so it doesn’t add bulk to your final product. To make the petals look even a bit more natural, roll the top of the petal over a pen. I liked the way the flowers looked after I gave the rolled edge a little pinch with three fingers to place a divot in the petal edge.


Step 4-6: Assembling and shaping the groupings

This is probably the easiest part of putting together the flowers! Layer the petals of the circle over top of each other, forming a circle with the petals when you’re done. The bottoms of the petals will all be to the center; place glue between each petal layer to secure them together. Some groupings of flowers will need 6 petals, some 5, some 3. Adjust your placement of your petals so they’re spaced evenly when you’re assembling according to the number of petals used!


Will you be my bridesmaid box-8Will you be my bridesmaid box-9

Step 7: Create the Flower Centers

The center of the paper flowers is created from black cardstock circles. Use a 3 inch black cardstock circle for your large flowers and a 2.5 inch circle for the smaller ones. Cut slits in the circle towards the center without cutting through all the way around the edge of the circle until it looks fringed. Use your fingers to roll the fringe towards the center of the circle until all the fringe is curled inward.


Will you be my bridesmaid box-7

Step 8: Assembling the paper flowers.

Large Flowers: Make a 6 petal grouping of the large petals, a 6 petal grouping of the medium petals, a 3 petal grouping of the medium petals, and a black center with a 3-inch circle. Glue in layers as follows top to bottom:

  1. Black center
  2. 3-medium petal group
  3. 6-medium petal group
  4. 6-large petal group

Small Flowers: Make a 6 petal grouping of the medium petals, a 6 petal grouping of the small petals, and a black center with a 2.5-inch circle. Glue in layers as follows top to bottom:

  1. Black center
  2. 6-small petal group
  3. 6-medium petal group

After you fluff them up a little from their handling while crafting, they’ll be ready to use! These paper flowers are perfect for decorating packages or party decor. Would love to see how you use them!

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